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Who we are:

Fountain City Music is a community of worship leaders, songwriters and musicians who are devoted to living out a life of worship. Our mission is to capture and share the creative heartbeat of that life together. Having seen the effect of God's life-changing presence in our church community, our desire is to empower God’s Church to experience that same love, depth and transformation in worship.  

Our Team:

About Michelle:

Michelle Hord is a songwriter, worship leader and artist in residence at Vineyard Church in Kansas City, MO. Originally from Grand Junction, CO, Michelle grew up singing and leading worship with her father. While leading worship at a church camp she met her future husband Zach, and they began writing music together. Michelle has been a part of Vineyard Church since 2011. Her debut single “Child of God” is featured on the Fountain City Music CD “We are the Risen”. Her style of worship is both heart-felt and exciting as she strives to worship the Lord with authenticity and passion. 

About Zach:

Zach Hord is a multi-instrumentalist and producer at Vineyard Church in Kansas City, MO. His musical journey began in youth group at age 13, and he later went on to tour with Joyce Meyer Ministries and various other worship and country artists. He now serves as a music director at Vineyard Church and a producer at Fountain City Music. Zach has a passion to ignite creativity within his community and generate music that is original, authentic and inspires others to encounter God in a profound way.

What we Believe

Fountain City Music stands firmly in the center of historical, orthodox Christian teaching. Out of loyalty to Christ and the gospel (good news) we have come to a number of convictions concerning the clear teaching of the Bible. At the same time we have not included in our statement of faith much that can be legitimately debated by orthodox, sincere Christians. We do have boundaries, but our boundaries are broad and inclusive. On the spectrum of Christian churches:

  • we are orthodox
  • we are evangelical
  • we are empowered evangelicals